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Police Surgeries
Police Surgeries
Good morning all, please see the following dates and locations for Police surgeries in the Graig area.

Afon Village

24/05/18 12pm-1pm

27/06/18 6pm-7pm

25/07/18 6pm-7pm

26/08/18 5pm-6pm

26/09/18 5pm-6pm

23/10/18 3pm-4pm

23/11/18 5pm-6pm

21/12/18 11am-12pm

Rhiwderin Village

19/05/18 4pm-5pm

26/06/18 3pm-4pm

26/07/18 4pm-5pm

23/08/18 11am-12pm

25/09/18- 5pm-6pm

26/10/18 6pm-7pm

24/11/18 5pm-6pm

20/12/18 12pm-1pm

Regarding the Mid monthly council meetings. Myself and Emma Tarney will only be available to attend November and December as our shift pattern only matches these dates and times.
Bassaleg Indoor Bowls Club
Bassaleg Indoor Bowls Club
We are looking for new members, come along and try it out!
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