Pentrepoeth Road Traffic Issue                                              Ongoing


The Community Council are particularly concerned about the proposed construction of the local Waste Transfer Station  and the impact this would have on the traffic on Pentrepoeth Road. The application has been refused by Newport City Council and has now gone to appeal. If you are concerned please get your letters in to the Welsh assembly.


The Community Council recognises there are many issues with this road and are working with authorities in an attempt to improve safety. Council is aware that there are multiple problems from the lack of pavements and safe havens for pedestrians to parking for residents and the speed of traffic along the length of the road.


A GoSafe assessment was requested, and the report of the Officer who carried out the investigation is detailed below: 

A site visit was carried out on Friday 20 May 2016.

Gwent Police use a covert speed monitoring equipment  to check the speed of vehicles using the road, the device records the speed of vehicles over a 24 hour period and is in position for between 7 – 10 days .  A requirement for the positioning of this equipment is that it is located on the side of the road preferably on a straight section of road, not near a junction or where vehicles park regularly, as this can affect the speeds of the vehicles using the road which may then not provide an accurate speed recording.

 On my visit to Pentrepoeth Road I noted that there were no suitable locations where our equipment could be deployed. There were a number of vehicles parked on the road adjacent to the properties which I assume are residents vehicles and therefore may usually be expected to be parked on the road, as I have mentioned above this form of parking will affect the accurate recording of the vehicle  speeds.

 I have checked the collision records for this section of road and found that no personal injury collisions have been reported on this road for the last three years.

I am sorry to have to say that because of the topography of the road I am unable to deploy our recording equipment, also there is no parking facilities where a Safety Camera van could be parked without  causing  obstruction to other road users.

 I know this will be disappointing to you and your committee and would suggest that you contact Newport City Council Highways Department and request that they place their equipment to record the vehicle speeds.  As they use the tubes which are fixed to the road.

 I understand that Pentrepoeth Road, Bassaleg is part of the Community Speed Watch Scheme however if this is correct I have concerns with regards to their positioning on safety grounds when conducting speed checks due to the width of the road and lack of pavement area.  

The Community Council has requested that our City Councillors lobby NCC to get the tubes suggested above installed to monitor vehicle speeds, to cut back hedges and bushes to aid with visibility and make the road as wide as possible at the pinch points and also to place some speed indicator panels along the road. The City Councillors have also been asked to lobby NCC to reduce the speed of traffic to 20mph between the Caerphilly Road and Pentrepoeth Close junctions in light of the considerable risk to pedestrians. Some of these requests has been denied in the past but it is hoped NCC will reconsider.

The Community Council have been lobbying for improvements to this road for many years and continue to do so.

The Community Council have themselves placed "SLOW DOWN" notices along Pentrepoeth Road in an attempt to remind drivers to slow down and keep to a speed reasonable for a road of this type.

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