Community Projects

On this page you will see details of current projects and be informed about projects in the pipeline that the Community Council hopes to complete in the near future. Any comments you have will be greatly appreciated. It is the Council's aim to improve the ward and make it an even more desirable place to live for all residents.

Past Projects

2008         Bassaleg Shops Roundabout alteration

                 Upgrade Afon Mead fencing Bassaleg allotment site fencing

2009/10    Rhiwderin CC heating upgrade

2010         Goal posts on Bassaleg Open Space

                 Graig Hall new boiler for heating system

2011         Graig Hall patio and car park refurb

2012         Purchase and planting of trees in various locations

                 Graig Hall new windows & doors

                 Graig Hall resealing of floor in large hall

                 Wentworth Lane installation of bollards & kissing gate

2013         Rhiwderin CC works to guttering and buttresses

                 Creation of Diamond Jubilee path

                 Laurel Road bollards

                 Bassaleg Open Space fencing & gates

                 Upgrade of path through Open Space

2014         Graig Hall creation of conference room, new kitchen &

                  side room

                  Graig Hall boiler upgrade

2014/15    Rhiwderin CC new toilet block and car park refurb

2015         Graig Hall photovoltaic panels to roof

                 Rhiwderin CC new fire alarm system

                 Rhiwderin CC new water mains supply

2016         Graig Hall toilets upgrade

                 Purchase of picnic benches & seating

                 Creation of Graig Community Council calendar

                 New play areas introduced

                 Adoption of footpath at Highfield Lane

                 Sited benches at Lower Machen and at St Basil's shops in

                 memory of Cllr Mountain 

2017         Replacement of fencing at Rhiwderin Play Area

                 Purchase of outdoor cabinets & installation of defibrillators

                 Graig Hall creation of disabled access to patio area

                 Planters refurbishment and relocation

                 Repair of boundary wall at Rhiwderin CC

2018         Replacement of small litter bins with large in play areas   

                 Graig Hall balustrades at entrance to the building

                 Rhiwderin CC major roof repairs

                 Graig Hall replacement gutters soffits & facias

2019         Assisted Pentrepoeth Primary School with funding a polytunnel

                 Graig Hall foyer refurb

                 Rhiwderin CC replacement chairs

                 Adoption of footpaths Woodland Drive to Fort View play area &                  Penylan Close to Caerphilly Road.

                 Graig Hall replacement soffits, facias & rainwater goods to

                 pump house

                 Graig Hall internal lighting upgrade and internal redecoration

                 Rhiwderin Community Centre - replacement soffits, facias,

                 rainwater goods; external building painting programme;

                 making good external stonework, replacement/refurbishment of                  internal and external doors following break-in

                 Bassaleg Shops roundabout landscaping of island and

                 construction of stone planting feature


Future Projects

Possible creation of a memorial garden

Installation of additional trim trail apparatus

Extension of artificial grass area at Bassaleg Green rebound wall